Let’s protect personal information of people who visited restaurant by taking POS

Establish a thorough operational system

pos In order to smoothly operate a system centered on cash register, it is important for staff within the company to increase knowledge of pos. In addition to preparing troubleshooting manuals, it is also effective to borrow the power of the manufacturer’s support service.

Procedures necessary for overseas visits

When staying in Hong Kong for more than 3 months, it is necessary to obtain a visa according to the purpose. By obtaining a visa, you can achieve the purpose at the site slowly. Services that act on behalf of the acquisition have also appeared, and you can receive advice on the best visa.

Spreading popularity in the food and beverage industry

Specialized for necessary functions

Regardless of differences in retailers and service industries, accounting is done in some way in order for customers to pay for every store. In retail industries such as convenience stores and supermarkets, a POS system has been introduced that enables register data to be collected in real time by linking register devices and computer systems as soon as possible. In the food and beverage industry and the service industry, the movement to introduce the POS system was delayed, but in recent years POS systems specialized for each industry have been developed and are spreading. Because eating and drinking establishments do not handle many items like retail stores, collaboration with bar code readers and inventory management are extra functions. Given that store sales are closely related to customer’s order, cooperation with order system is rather required when introducing POS system at restaurant. Many of POS systems developed for restaurants are specialized in simple functions such as accounting and sales aggregation, and it is also possible to use tablets and smartphones for order terminals to cooperate. Since order status of customers can be grasped in real time, introduction of POS system with order entry function can prevent order mistakes and mis-arrangement errors. Recently, sales style that smartly accounting with tablet type portable cash register has increased, but sales analysis function is added to this in POS system for eating and drinking establishment. The sales data accumulated through the POS system can be applied not only for sales by each menu, but also for purpose of customer management, as well as aggregation / analysis on time sale. Eating and drinking establishments that introduce such a POS system are not only improving accounting and ordering work but also helping to improve management through precise analysis of sales data. Since introduction costs are set lower than complicated arge-scale products for retail stores, the movement of introducing POS systems in eating and drinking establishments is expanding.

Can be founded unexpectedly easily

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